All About Ethical Rabbit Farming

Not too many people raise rabbits for meat, and it’s sort of a shame. There are many upsides to raising rabbits, and one of our favorites is certainly the nutritional benefits. Better than beef and better than chicken in many ways, rabbit is both nutritious and delicious. Lots of people overlook the upsides of eating rabbit because there is stigma around the animal; many people keep them as pets. This, however, doesn’t change the fact that they are easy to raise and harvest ethically.

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The Great Labeling Debate: Joe Vs. Joel

Advocates for non-GMO are traditionally pro new labeling laws. (We are big fans of the Non-GMO Project because they make it easier for discerning consumers to identify which products and brands are going non-GMO.) Dr. Joe Mercola, an advocate for alternative medicine and widely celebrated internet entrepreneur, believes that labeling is essential. Joel Salatin, sustainable farmer extraordinaire, doesn’t see it that way. Read more

How To Shop For Non-GMO Produce

People are looking for healthier ways to eat, but unfortunately the good stuff isn’t always easy to spot. Not all produce is grown the way you wish it was, and once you’ve hit the grocery store, you might not know exactly how to easily determine what was grown safely and what was grown in less than desirable conditions, but we can help with that.

There is a little trick that most people don’t know about which will help you figure out which items to grab in the produce section at your local supermarket and which ones to avoid. And, of course, when all else fails, you know you can get the good stuff at a farmer’s market.

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Our Favorite Joel Salatin Quotes

Joel Salatin is one of our favorite guys. His family farm, Polyface Farm, uses lots of techniques to promote sustainable farming. Furthermore, the guy knows his stuff when it comes to GMOs. Here are two of our favorite quotes from the man himself.

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What Goes Into Non-GMO Chicken Feed?

The fight against GMOs is moving along nicely as more and more people are becoming better informed regarding the dangers of genetically modified organisms. We believe that in order to have healthy people, we need to have healthy animals, which is why they shouldn’t be eating GMOs either. Chickens are probably the most common animal for backyard farmers to raise, but do you know what goes into their diet?

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Why Is Non-GMO Project So Important?

Consumers, more today than ever before, are concerned about what they are putting into their bodies. This is much, much more than just skipping that Quarter Pounder—eating “healthy” today is really about having a thorough understanding not just of the kinds of foods you eat, but what actually goes into the food you eat. A piece of chicken would seem to be a nice lean, protein-rich meal for some, but others are concerned with what the chicken could be passing along.

Chickens in particular typically receive a diet that’s full of high-risk GMO byproducts like corn and soy. Consumers who don’t take the time to get educated about their food are likely to find their meals bursting with genetically modified organisms—and that’s not healthy.

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From Yolk To Broiler: The Story Of An Egg

Chickens are one of the most populated species of bird on earth, and that’s probably because humans find them so useful. They can easily be kept out on a farm or even in a person’s backyard. With the right non-GMO chicken feed, these old hens provide lots of scrumptious eggs and lean meat to keep people healthy and strong. But what’s the journey look like from egg to chicken parm?

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What Do Pigs Really Eat?

We use the word “pig” to describe any creature with a ravenous appetite. They’ve got a reputation in the animal world for being large, hungry, and in charge. There are tons of options for farmers out there from simply allowing the animals to forage to high-quality non-GMO pig feed. So what’s a new backyard farmer to do? Here’s some information on pigs and how they should really eat.

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Helpful Hints For Raising Chickens In The City

Contrary to popular belief, being a backyard farmer doesn’t require a backyard, per say. There are so many benefits to raising your own chickens for meat and eggs, and those benefits don’t belong to the country folk alone. Plenty of people raise their own chickens in urban environments and here’s some insight on home they manage to do it successfully.

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