Our Story

Hiland Naturals was founded on the basic understanding that naturally healthy feeds make healthy animals. This, in turn, creates healthy foods and healthy people!

Healthy meat, dairy and egg products are derived from the quality of the ingredients fed to the animals that produce them. This is why we have chosen to use ingredients in our feeds that have not been genetically modified. Our complete feeds contain:

  • Cold pressed hexane-free soybean meal
  • Proprietary organic trace minerals for better absorption
  • Prebiotics and probiotics for better gut health
  • And DO NOT contain added hormones, antibiotics or preservatives.

Our feeds are Non-GMO Project Verified, Animal Welfare Approved and represent a commitment to a higher standard for food quality, security and traceability.

 Non-GMO Project Verified

The Non-GMO Project Verification Program requires that every single batch of major risk ingredients used in a verified product is tested before use and is below their action threshold of 5%. HOWEVER, here at Hiland Naturals, we strive to keep our feed products below the 0.9% threshold.

The Non-GMO Project Verification Program is North America’s ONLY third-party verification for products produced according to rigorous standards for GMO avoidance.

Hiland Natural’s AVOID the GMO Movement

Whether you are a producer or a consumer of meat, dairy and eggs, it is our passion to educate people everywhere on the benefits of avoiding GMO’s in our food.

Hiland Naturals’ AVOID the GMO Movement is a community of people that share the common goal of minimizing Genetically Modified Organisms in our food supply and ensuring the consumer has a CHOICE when it comes to the natural quality of the ingredients in their food.

5 Reasons to AVOID the GMO

  1. Unknown Impact: There have been no long term studies on the impact of GMO’s on the human body, so it is difficult to know what the long-term human health impacts truly are.
  2. Known Health Risks: “Turning on” genes in genetically modified plants can mean releasing allergens that would normally not be expressed in a Non-GMO plant. Experts suggest this could be directly related to a rise in certain health issues.
  3. Heavy Use of Glyphosate: The most common herbicide used on GMO crops is Roundup and it has been shown to hurt the gut bacteria of humans and may also be involved in a rise in digestive health issues and food allergies.
  4. Superbugs and Superweeds: Farmers are now battling insects and weeds that are resistant to pesticides that previously controlled them. These superbugs and superweeds are damaging crops and costing farmers more money.
  5. Environmental Impact: GMO’s may also play a negative role in soil health and quality, the nutritional value of crops and the contamination of natural plants in the wild.

What are you waiting for? Join the the movement to AVOID GMO’s and help us create a world filled with healthy feed, animals, food and people.

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