“What Non-GMO Means To Me” Photo Contest Results

Thank you to all who participated in our “what non-GMO means to you” photo contest! We had just a couple of entries, but the photos were really beautiful and the meaning behind the photos even more so. Check out some of our favorites:

6. Eggs For Sale!


Our farm chose non-GMO because we wanted to be more in control of what we were putting into our bodies.

By New Heritage Farm


5. Stink Eye From The Flock

birds from the flock on Til The Rooster Crows Farm

They eat less of a higher quality, taste better, lay better and start healthier. Also, they may try to eat us if I didn’t.  Look at that stink eye from being late for breakfast!

By Lauren Celentano of Til The Rooster Crows Ranch


5. Busy Ducklings

busy ducklings on the farm

I’m on one of the lucky few!! I know where my ducklings came from, and I know the parents of these fine young kids, and I know that both parents and kids all started life with Hiland Naturals Feed. Life is good!!

By Renee Ward


4. We Prefer non-GMO Children

girl holding non-GMO chicken

No GMO in chickens= No GMO in your children.

By Deb Gibson Greene


3. Chicken In The Sun

chicken in the sun by Lauren Celentano

Non-GMO is important to our farm because we all grow healthier. Eggs are tastier, more nutrition, and lower feed costs in the end.

By Lauren Celentano of Til The Rooster Crows Ranch


2. Family Fun

Morrison Family on Dawson Gap Farm jumping in empty Hiland Naturals feed sacks

By Todd Morrison and family of Dawson Gap Farm


1. GMOs Don’t Go Well With Wine

chicken drinking wine

Because GMOs don’t go well with wine… But seriously, we want to give ourselves and our customers quality eggs and meat and give our birds a life that is healthy. Everyone deserves good health. And we love the eggs and meat we eat!

By Lauren Celentano of Til The Rooster Crows Ranch


Thanks to all who entered! We loved having a glimpse into your lives as farmers dedicated to non-GMO.


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