Why Is Non-GMO Project So Important?

Consumers, more today than ever before, are concerned about what they are putting into their bodies. This is much, much more than just skipping that Quarter Pounder—eating “healthy” today is really about having a thorough understanding not just of the kinds of foods you eat, but what actually goes into the food you eat. A piece of chicken would seem to be a nice lean, protein-rich meal for some, but others are concerned with what the chicken could be passing along.

Chickens in particular typically receive a diet that’s full of high-risk GMO byproducts like corn and soy. Consumers who don’t take the time to get educated about their food are likely to find their meals bursting with genetically modified organisms—and that’s not healthy.

Thanks to organizations like the Non-GMO Project, it’s easier for consumers to know which brands and products to trust.

What The Non-GMO Project Stands For

According to NonGMOProject.org, “The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and building the non-GMO food supply, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices.” That’s a pretty important mission if we could be so bold as to say so.

The whole point of this organization is not just to educate people, but to change the narrative. For years and years and years, GMOs have been hailed as an answer to our agriculture prayers, but time has shown that they have done more harm than good. Now we know of all the consequences of manipulating nature including decreases in biodiversity, harm to human health, and—just the opposite of its original purpose—crops that are more reliant on chemicals to survive.

The Non-GMO Project is important because that little seal is a good way to help everyone eat GMO-free in a country where the food is dominated by GMOs.

The Non-GMO Project Seal Offers Options

Not everyone believes GMOs are harmful, and we respect that. (Although we respectfully disagree.) The rigorous testing and high standards that the Non-GMO Project requires means that the products in the store with their seal is really the good stuff.

This gives discerning shoppers options. Before, you might have to spend some time reading the label and guessing if the ingredients were GMO or not based on your knowledge of the high-risk crops, but not anymore. Now, you can simply look for the seal and know you aren’t getting anything extra in your food.

So if eating GMO free isn’t important to you, then shop on like you usually do. If it does factor into your purchasing decisions, Non-GMO Project gives you healthy, trusted options.

Non-GMO Project Is Important To Hiland Naturals

This seal isn’t an easy one to get, which is just one of the reasons that Hiland Naturals is so proud to sport it. Furthermore, we are proud to be able to offer our customers, their animals, their families, and the communities the best, which is not something everyone can honestly say. Because we agree with Jeff Mattocks when he says, “healthy animals mean healthy people”, we will only offer Non-GMO livestock feed, and the Non-GMO Project helps us show the world that our feed is truly tops.

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