What Reasons Justify Growing GMO Crops?

The war against GMO crops has been raging for some time now, but it hasn’t put Monsanto out of business yet. There are still plenty of farmers who choose GMO when they set out to buy seed, but why is that? As the non-GMO movement is steadily growing, it’s important to take a deeper look at the other side of this fight and understand their point of view as well. Let’s take a look.

Less Pest Damage

We see where farmers would believe that GMO crops aid in the prevention of serious pest damage as that’s the premise for GMOs, herbicides, and pesticides, but it simply isn’t accurate. Unfortunately, when we introduce chemicals to control nature, nature fights back. The more chemicals we use on our crops, the more superweeds we create, and then we need to use even more chemicals than before.

There’s no easy way out. The answer is to go GMO free and utilize natural methods for controlling pests.

Higher Yields

Lots of farmers who swear by genetically modified seeds report higher yields. We can see why this is an attractive prospect; after all, it’s what big agriculture is based on. Supply more product, make more money—it’s pretty simple.

Lots of non-GMO farmers would argue that genetically modified crops don’t create higher yields, especially with all the trouble that can accompany them, but that’s neither here nor there—the farmers planting GMO believe that they are getting better yields.

While we’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would be opposed to making more money, there’s a lot more to farming than dollar signs. (Honestly, if you’re in the farming business to become rich, you may have picked the wrong career.) Farming is about feeding people. Who wants to feed people food they know will hurt them? The moral issue is a real one, and it really comes down to what farmers personally believe about the dangers of GMOs.

Flexibility In Farm Management

We are all looking for ways to make our jobs easier; it’s human nature. Being efficient and effective is something everyone can agree on when it comes to business, and farming is a business for sure. This doesn’t mean, however, that we are willing to sacrifice quality for ease. Flexibility is important, but providing the best, healthiest product is the most important.

If it’s true that planting GMO crops makes your life easier, you should ask yourself if the final outcome is really worth the ease of use.

We Believe In Non-GMO

These are just a few of the reasons why a farmer would choose to grow GMO crops—no doubt there’s many more. Every point can be refuted on both sides, so what it really comes down to is your belief system. Are GMOs natural? No. Are GMOs harmful to human and livestock health? It’s debatable, but those who eat non-GMO swear by their results.

So again, we present the question: What reason truly justifies the use of genetically modified crops? It’s up to the farmer to decide.

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