Non-GMO Project verified

Let Us Introduce You To The Non-GMO Project

The natural food movement is picking up momentum, and the new rhetoric surrounding it is all about informed choices and accountability. Most nations across the globe no not consider GMOs to be safe, but American regulations allow them in the food supply based on scientific studies—scientific studies conducted by the big corporations that benefit the most from their use.

While the health risks of GMOs are certainly up for debate, the fact that more and more Americans want to be informed of GMOs so they can steer clear of them is not. Many fight for product labeling when GMOs are involved, and others—like Joel Salatin—aren’t interested in more government interference in our food production. The companies that want consumers to know that their products are proven to be non-GMO, however, can take matters into their own hands.

The Non-GMO Project is a nonprofit which is now key in the fight to inform consumers about what they are ingesting every day. With the Non-GMO Project verified seal, you can be confident that you are opting for the healthiest choice possible.

A Few Words About GMOs

Each and every person has their own opinion about GMOs. Because the wrong people have been studying their effects for so long, we truly don’t have an honest answer about how they affect the animals and people who consume them. What we do know is that they aren’t natural and rather than curb the use of harmful chemical substances like pesticides and herbicides, they make the need for them even greater. Because GMOs can drift and pollinate other crops on other farms, we no longer have the freedom to live without them if we chose to do so, which is why we need to take a stand before our food supply is completely out of our control.

All About Non-GMO Project

Back in the early 2000s, The Big Carrot Natural Food Market and the The Natural Grocery Company were becoming concerned about GMOs and sought to gain ingredient transparency for their valued customers. In 2005, the two companies came together to form the Non-GMO Project to further that mission. The nonprofit is governed by a board of directors and works tirelessly with reputable companies to test the ingredients in products—not just the products themselves—to give consumers an accurate idea of what products can rightfully be described as non-GMO.

Today, there are more than 27,000 verified products, so eating GMO-free is easier than it has ever been before.

What It Means To Be Non-GMO Project Verified

There are a strict set of standards to become Non-GMO Project verified which are regularly being improved upon. The standards call for practices and processes for controlling GMO contamination to be put into place and analytic testing is required throughout the process. Companies must work closely with the Non-GMO Project to insure the most natural product possible is being produced and the seal is well deserved.

Hiland Naturals wears the Non-GMO Project verified seal with pride. Our ingredients are tested before we put them into our livestock feed, and anything substandard simply doesn’t make the cut. We believe that healthy animals are a requirement for healthy people, and we are determined to give our customers nothing but the best. This is why we are a Non-GMO Project verified brand.

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